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Delicious Headline of the Day (But Not If You Are An Israel Hater)

...has to be this from The National Interest, an American bimonthly international affairs magazine published by Washington DC-based public policy think tank the Center for the National Interest (founded by Richard Nixon)

WATCH: Antisemitism in Russia in Broad Daylight

In Russia in broad daylight, a woman tries to spray antisemitic graffiti on to the wall of a fast-food restaurant


Journalist Allison Kaplan Sommer, who is currently in Russia, spotted something disturbing

Roger Waters Heaps Love on Russia and Assad In Latest Disgraceful Remarks

In an interview with a Russian newspaper, rock'n'roll BDS-hole Roger Waters has shown himself to be the vile hypocrite that he is. Heck, he shows himself to be just plain vile.

Bizarre News of the Day: Russia Appoints Action Star Steven Seagal as US Envoy

Russian officials have tapped Seagal for the role of special representative to improve relations between the United States and Russia

Israel Catches Russian Hackers Stealing NSA Secrets

And they would have gotten away with it too, had it not been for those meddling yids! 

Roger Waters’ Hypocrisy on Full Display

What a disgusting hypocrite.

SURPRISE! Russia Proclaims “West Jerusalem” As Israel’s Capital

And why would Russia do this now?

Russian Foreign Ministry’s Traveler Advice Is Something To Behold

You'd think Borat was responsible for writing it

WATCH: What The Puck? Holocaust-Themed Ice Skating On Russian TV

What is wrong with people?!

The Russia Abbas Israel Connection Is A Big Deal

It was the subversion of left wing Israelis and our ultra-left political movements and media that led to Oslo, the Two State Delusion and other national disasters.

BREAKING NEWS: Soviet Documents Reveal Mahmoud Abbas Was a KGB Agent

Explosive revelations tonight on Israeli news

Uplifting Story Of Finding Lost Family

When you’re looking for something as important as lost family, never give up.

WATCH: Human Rights Abusers Try To Silence UN Watch

"They can censor at home, but they cannot censor us at the United Nations."


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