Newsweek Middle East Senior Deputy Editor Leila Hatoum A Vile Antisemite


Last night, I thoroughly debunked a video by Newsweek Middle East, that purported to prove that there was, and is, a Palestinian state.

In my post, I speculated that the reason Newsweek Middle East would put out such propaganda is because the operation was licensed by Newsweek to ARY Digital Network, a Dubia-based company.

Today, I have discovered a more likely reason: their Senior Deputy Editor Leila Hatoum hates Jews.

These are some of her tweets in response to Israel supporters who reacted to the video – count the antisemitic tropes.



A search of her previous tweets reveals she has revealed a hatred of Jews for a while now.




Needless to say, she is also a terror supporter.

We need to ask Newsweek if they are comfortable with having this person as a senior deputy editor for their Middle East desk.

Thanks to reader Bob Knot for the heads-up.

Update: Since I first posted this, Leila has just made things worse for herself.


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