Delicious Palestinian Irony Of The Day


This report is from over two weeks ago, but it is too good to pass up.

The head of the PA’s National Commission for Education, Culture, and Science attacked this ballsy video put out by Israel’s MFA for conveying the message the Jews are the indigenous inhabitants of the land of Israel (which we are).


PA: ‘Palestinian Arabs the original inhabitants of Israel’

The Palestinian Authority National Commission for Education, Culture, and Science attacked the satirical video released by the Foreign Ministry, “Rachel, Jacob, and the Land of Israel,” which conveys the message that the Jews are the indigenous inhabitants of the Land of Israel.

The PA Commission released a statement in response, saying that the video was distorting facts and rewriting history. “It is a fabricated history that has no relation to art and no connection to the drama and deep-rooted history of the Palestinian and Arab-Islamic identity.”

Amin al-Sudani, the head of the commission, said that “This hysterical and imaginary film was prepared and published as part of the overall war against our people by the occupation after they took control of our country, killing and exiling its inhabitants since the Nakba in 1948.”

Al-Sudani called on the international community, especially UNESCO, to convene immediately to intervene and stop Israel’s “crimes against the history, heritage, and identity of the Palestinians.”

And here’s the clincher. Notice the head’s name – Amin al-Sudani.

In other words, a man whose very name points to how his family came from Sudan, is claiming his people are indigenous to Palestine!

Talk about fabricated histories.

Hat tip: Yoel.

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