WATCH: Netanyahu Spox: ‘Ironclad Info’ That Obama Administration Helped Push And Craft Resolution

In an interview with CNN, David Keyes, spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, did not hold back in accusing the Obama administration of helping push and craft the anti-Israel UNSC resolution from which the US abstained. Not only that, but he said this is based on “iron clad information” from international and Arab sources.

David Keyes repeats the claim in this Fox News interview in answer to a question whether this was “personal”, the US President taking a parting shot at the Israeli PM.

Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes rejected these accusations on Friday, but look at his words:

“With respect to this resolution, we did not draft this resolution; we did not introduce this resolution. The Egyptians, in partnership with the Palestinians, are the ones who began circulating an earlier draft of the resolution. The Egyptians are the ones who moved it forward (Thursday). And we took the position that we did when it was put to a vote.”

Notice how he specifically talks of not “drafting” or “introducing” it, which sounds to me like sidestepping the actual accusations of “helping push and craft it”, in order to not be outright lying.

This is all huge, but not just for the obvious reason that it represents a huge betrayal of Israel at the hands of the US administration.

There is something else everyone seems to be missing with this story.

Look from whom we got this “ironclad information”: Arab sources.

One may think we are becoming more isolated with the US’ actions against us, but we have been drawing closer to some Arab countries thanks mainly to the threat of Iran.

18 thoughts on “WATCH: Netanyahu Spox: ‘Ironclad Info’ That Obama Administration Helped Push And Craft Resolution”

    1. I have a conjecture that with this resolution Mr Kerry just retaliated to Israel for banning Heinz’ tomato seasoning to be called “ketchup” in Israel as it contains too little tomatoes.

    2. At least Ben Rhodes was hired and functions as a political operative in the White House. Ron Dermer, a Republican political operative from Florida, was selected by Netanyahu to be the principle diplomat here as Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. I just got done witnessing Ambassador Dermer smearing Obama with unsupported claims that Obama orchestrated the UN resolution on CNN this morning. When pressed by CNN anchor Don Lemon of proof of his claims, Dermer demurred and stated they would wait for Donald Trump to take office, share this evidence with them at that time and leave it up to the new American administraton on what action they want to take. Even for Dermer, the man who orchestrated the joint session of Congress that was set up for Bibi to renounce the Iran Nuclear Deal, this was unconvincing b.s. Bibi should do us both a favor and recall Ron Dermer back to Israel until Jan. 20th.

  1. Where is the evidence? Netanyahu and his people make accusations, say they have definitive proof that Obama orchestrated the whole thing, and then don’t share any of this evidence. What gives? One more example of Bibi’s reckless behavior and his uncanny ability to isolate Israel from the rest of the world. Who is Israel’s foreign minister, anyway? Oh, that’s right, it’s Bibi Netanyahu.

    1. A open letter to israel.
      You guy are really funny. Do you think you can purchase the integrity of people? Arent you ashamed to think like that?
      Lets things be clear : Senegal always support palestinian people because you israeli make them live the hell on earth and that’s acknowledged by the whole word (but you blinded people). Senegal lead the team in UN committee for palestinian people righ since 1974, so don’t act like we senegalese hided our favor and acted double faced. And what make laugh is you think Senegal need Israel support??? Or it is the other way round? seriously? Israel did need senegal because you wanted to tie a diplomatic relationship with a muslim country! The only interest we have is the fact we have a christian minority wo do need to go every year in jerusalem for pilgrimage and senegal always want that all his people even from different religion to be happy his their faith. Yes we are not a developped country. but hey dudes we are not one the poorest neither (not at all).HEHEY wake up! WE NEVER NEED YOUR SUPPORT IN ANYTHING! Even people int street there in dakar are surprised that we had a diplomatic tie with israel and keep wonder how it can be possible.
      Because you horrify everyone everywhere…
      Yes we do live in Africa but our democratic country have never be in civil war nor a coup.We have 7% of economic growth. We don’t hate the jew, no we can’t because not that far away there used to be at least 4 synagogue in our atlantic coast. We hosted the first jew communauty in western atlantic africa. We are open in our blood and in our mind. You israel people have to made up your mind. To be truly sincere with yourself. Don’t let the past eat your future.
      Forgiving is the only way to be STRONG! PEACE!

    2. Well, when Rex Tillerson becomes Secretary of the State, lots of interesting things will be uncovered. I doubt that the Kerry’s minions would dare to destroy documents: they are not Hillary and the perspective to end up in the slammer is far too real.

      1. Yes, that will be interesting reading. John Kerry has pretty much said he will write a book about his time as Secretary of State once he leaves office, so the public will have that information to digest as well. I will be surprised if there are any real bombshells since the differences and animosity between the Obama and Netanyahu governments have been well-reported and out in the open for all to see.

      1. The proof is in the..uh…borscht as the Russians might say. Bibi and his people say they have incontrovertible proof that Obama orchestrated the UN resolution. The Israelis need to produce it now, not wait until Trump takes office, so people can judge for themselves what the truth is. The Israelis’ hesitance to release this information now makes me very skeptical of its existence as clear evidence of what they have been accusing Obama of for the last three days.

        1. You are right to demand that the proof be shown, Jim. That said, you’ve been around the block a few times. The video mentions Arab sources among others – likely the sorts of people who don’t want to be identified. This “solid evidence” probably consists of the word of various diplomats who would be exposed if the evidence is presented at this time. It may also involve the word of US personnel speaking off the record, who would be harmed by identifying them as well, at least while the Obama administration lasts.
          Until the evidence is presented, skepticism is appropriate.
          You, however, sound like you’re calling Netanyahu an out-and-out-liar. And hey, he could be – it’s politics after all. But he stands to lose more than he gains by grandstanding like this if there’s nothing backing it up.
          In my opinion, Netanyahu’s accusation is completely plausible considering President Obama’s conduct to date. If the evidence exists it may well be made public in a couple of months. For now, don’t count your chickens, and I’ll not count mine.

          1. I strongly suspect that the evidence that the Israelis have will be far from “ironclad” and that it will be subject to interpretation allowing both sides to claim victory. The Israelis must know that making accusations without proof weakens their argument. I agree with a Times of Israel editorial today that Bibi has really bungled this controversy from the moment they went to Trump for help. I can only hope Israelis are following this story very closely because Bibi is not coming off very well in the opinion of many Americans.

            1. “The Israelis must know that making accusations without proof weakens their argument.”
              This is exactly my point. Therefore, I am inclined to assume there is indeed something substantial there, whatever it is. Maybe save your gloating for later, is all I’m saying.

              1. Who’s gloating? Backoff Boogaloo. Try sticking to facts rather than leaping to wild and inaccurate mischaracterizations. You’re starting to sound like Bibi.

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