The Forward’s Ridiculous Claim Of No Palestine Hijacking At Women’s March


The Forward have an article claiming Israel-Palestine issues did not hijack the Women’s March on Washington – written before the march even took place! Which tells you all you need to know about how seriously to take the article.

The lack of an Israeli-Palestinian component to the march is notable due to the liberal makeup of the participating organizations and the partnership with several Arab-American and Muslim-American organizations. Linda Sarsour, a prominent New York-based Muslim and human rights activist, is part of the march’s leadership committee.

Needless to say, there was some palestinian hijacking going on (poor choice of words, I know), and Sarsour herself was part of it.

Nice one, Forward. And there was more from where that came from.

Besides actual organizers and speakers invoking “Palestine”, you had plenty of protesters there doing the same thing. And not just her:

Here are some other examples:

You could argue this was not entirely a hijacking of the march, but at the very least it was a breaking and entering.

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