Ali Abunimah’s Latest Low Act: Trying To Involve Israel In Mosque Terror Attack


Today, a terrible tragedy unfolded in Quebec, with two terrorists shooting up a mosque, killing 6 people and injuring many others. As of the time of this post, it looks like at least one of the terrorists may have been Muslim himself.

The suspects in a mosque shooting that left six dead and five critically injured in Quebec City have been identified as Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir, several Quebec media outlets are reporting.

Still, it is too early to ascribe any motivation for the attack. All we can do is wait for more information, and keep the families of the victims in our thoughts and prayers.

Unless you are someone like antisemite Ali Abunimah, who is doing his darndest to somehow involve his favorite whipping boy (Israel) in the terror attack.

Leaving aside the fact that people regularly ‘Like’ the Facebook pages of people or organizations they detest just to follow their posts and troll the comments, Abunimah is going out of his way to leverage the rage and sadness people are feeling over this terror attack, and try direct it towards Israel. It is his modus operandi.

Of course, he does not like it when others make similar insinuations about those he supports.

Bear in mind, this is someone on record supporting terrorists. Just in this case, the victims are not the right ones for him.

Update: The similarly detestable Max Blumenthal pushes the same narrative.

Update: And now Silverstein.

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