Abbas Wants Africa To Put Palestinian “Plight” Ahead Of Israeli Ties

I just came across this report that Mahmoud Abbas is now appealing to Africa to put “Palestinian Plight” ahead of forging ties with Israel.

Not that we expect anything else from the Palestinian President for the last 12 years, but let’s just think about how self-serving this request really is.

The following are the benefits Africa can enjoy through diplomatic and economic cooperation with Israel:

  • Agriculture – Sustainable productivity in arid and infertile regions. This includes bringing Israeli drip-irrigation and methods that helped fertilize the swamps in the Land of Israel in the last century.
  • Technology – Providing affordable technology to the African people
  • Clean water solutions – Israel is a world leader in clean water technology which is in great need throughout Africa
  • Humanitarian Services – groups like Isra-aid and other private groups can easily access places in Africa and provide relief and humanitarian work.
  • Cyber-Security – Israel is a world leader in cyber-security and plans to bring Africa up to speed with dealing with threats in the digital age. No more emails from Nigerian princes!
  • Security – Africa, being struck with poverty and the rise of terror groups such as Boko Haram and Al Shabab, is also a major cause for security concerns. Israel is a world leader in security solutions and will train and implement its know-how among the nations who need it most.
  • Health Care Solutions – Israel has developed numerous life saving drugs and technologies that can help save Africans from the diseases that have plagued them for so long.
  • Economic Increase – trade with Israel will boost the African economy greatly. As a basic economic principle, the more economic movement and investment, the less poverty there will be.

The following are the benefits Africa can enjoy through putting Palestinian “plight” ahead of Israeli ties:



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