London Terror Suspect Was Gaza Flotilla Participant

Khalid Omar Ali, the guy arrested carrying knives close to the British parliament last week was reportedly part of the Gaza flotilla in 2010.

The Daily Mail – which reports he “once worked as an aid worker for a relief convoy to Palestine” (Aid worker? Relief convoy? Palestine?) – contains this footage of him before his Gaza trip:

They mention:

Their journey was fraught with problems and several of the young British members claimed they ended up being held against their will on a Greek ship as they tried to get to Gaza.

This sounds like the Sfendoni, the Greek ship that was part of the 2010 Gaza flotilla.

But according to other sources, he was on the infamous Mavi Mamara terror ship.

Khalid Omar Ali is being held on suspicion of terrorism offences and possession of an offensive weapon

The man arrested carrying knives close to the parliament in London on Thursday, was on board a Gaza flotilla ship raided by Israeli soldiers in 2010, the Reuters news agency reports.

The man, named by sources to the agency as 27-year-old Khalid Omar Ali, is being held in custody on suspicion of terrorism offences and possession of an offensive weapon. British police said that he was being monitored by security services, and was arrested as part of a security operation.

Investigators told Reuters that they did not think that Ali’s participation in the flotilla was linked to the incident on Thursday.

Either way, this is just another example of flotilla participants showing what they are really all about.


David Lange

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