An Open Letter to Jordan

Dear Jordan,

Today, one of your citizen’s brutally attacked a police officer with a knife. There was a struggle (one watched by several Arab citizens who did nothing). Despite being stabbed, our police officer was able to draw his weapon and shoot your civilian DEAD. That’s the good news. The bad news is that you have an idiot in your Ministry of Media Affairs and you have to do something about him.

It seems that upon hearing about the attack today committed by a 57-year-old Jordanian tourist in Jerusalem, Jordanian Minister for Media Affairs Mohammed Momani accused Israel of committing a crime. Yes, that’s right, he accused ISRAEL of committing a crime because the police officer shot and killed someone who was attempting to murder him. I know, right? I mean, you can’t get much stupider than that, no?

Further, Momani continued by suggesting that shooting the terrorist “led to his martyrdom.” Actually, what shooting him led to was a bullet entering his body and ending his life, thereby leading to him being dead (that natural and correct end for a terrorist). Momani also called the shooting a “heinous crime…and has asked Israel to provide full details about it.”

Full details? Seriously? Okay, let me help out here. Your citizen took a knife and viciously attacked a police officer standing on patrol in Jerusalem. Your citizen continued to attack the police officer, even as they fell to the ground and struggled. The police officer took his gun and pulled the trigger at nearly point-blank range, sending your citizen to hell.

Since there are numerous videos currently available on Youtube showing the attack and the aftermath, I can only suggest that Momani and the Jordanian government use Google if they need to know anything further.

No matter how many times I read Momani’s statement, it doesn’t sound any better or any more intelligent. How the hell can you complain about a police officer shooting someone with a knife who has just stabbed him once and is brutally fighting to finish the job?

It boggles the mind and questions whether chronic insanity runs in your government or whether this Momani is the only insane person there. The truth is, what happened today is pretty much your standard situation and perhaps it is time to re-evaluate everything from the very beginning. Too often, you have accused Israel of the very crime that is being committed against us. Arabs riot on the Temple Mount, and you accuse US of changing the status quo (and yet, when we readily agree to having surveillance cameras places there, you balk because you realize the last thing you want the world to see is how too many Arabs behave up there).

An Arab attacks a police officer and you accuse Israelis of a “heinous crime?” An Arab rams innocent civilians with a car and is neutralized, and you accuse us of excessive force?

If it is a crime for a police officer to try to stop a Jordanian citizen from stabbing him (or any other Israeli citizen), then it is time to close the borders between our nations because, well, you see, we consider stabbing and murdering people to be illegal and our police and security forces are tasked with stopping illegal acts. Maybe you didn’t know that…or maybe Momani doesn’t quite understand that stabbing someone is considered an act of violence. But whatever part of his brain is missing, the bottom line is that Israel must act.

Until such time as the Jordanian government apologizes for the stupidity of its representatives and condemns this terrorist act, Israel MUST close the borders. No Jordanian citizens should be allowed to enter our country. Not for medical reasons, not to tour or visit relatives or study or shop. Close the borders until Jordan admits that the crime was in the stabbing, not in the neutralizing of a terrorist.

And when they’re done with that, they should fire Mohammed Momani.

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Jordan”

  1. Justice5775CE

    Excellent letter. I would only add that Jordan must explain this act by one of its citizens on Israeli soil.

  2. Good points, but considering that the Jordanian Parliament praised the Jordanian soldier who gunned down 7 Israeli schoolgirls in 1997 (Ahmad Daqamseh), nothing Jordanian government officials could say would surprise me.

    1. What a disgusting irony that a Religion of Peace adherent murdered Jewish schoolgirls in cold blood at the “Island of Peace.”

  3. I agree. The prevailing Arab attitude is Jews deserve to be murdered.

    People who think like that and act upon it, should not be welcome in Israel.

    Jordan has the idea its citizens can do whatever they want. One’s nationals are not allowed to break another country’s laws and to assault its people.

    Time to close the border, indeed. It may hurt Arab feelings but Jewish lives are valuable.

  4. ahad_ha_amoratsim

    Summon the Jordanian ambassador & damand an explanation of the stabbing and of the minister’s announcement.

  5. Remember Jordan thinks that their soldiers innocent school girls to be heroic as well. They are all scum

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