Israeli Condemned For Defending Himself After Almost Being Lynched


Yesterday, an Israeli man was almost lynched in the town of Hawara, as his car was pelted with stones at close range. Believing his life to be in danger, he fired in self-defense, killing one of the attackers.

The condemnation has been furious. Condemnation of the Israeli man who was almost lynched, that is. And not just from the Israel haters. For instance, this is the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process:

There has also been condemnation of this man, who was handing out sweets, apparently over the killing of one of the attempted lynchers.

I have yet to see anyone – besides Israeli supporters – condemn the attempted lynching. And that is precisely what it was. Don’t believe me? Here is video of the incident:

Here is another video, (conveniently) taken just as the shot was fired. But you still see the size of some of the rocks being thrown.

And a close-up photo:

Imagine having people throw large rocks at your windows from this distance. There is no doubt that would be life threatening. Check out the damage to the car at the end of this video:

Watch: A Palestinian riot in Hawara turned deadly when an Israeli shot at rioters who attacked his vehicle with stones –

Posted by JerusalemOnline on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Note how the ambulance blocked his path – it is not clear whether this was deliberate, or it was trying to get around the protesters, but this is something that needs to be investigated, Mr Mladenov (Update: the ambulance driver has apparently been arrested by the IDF).

As for the Israeli man distributing sweets, I condemn it. True, he was handing out the exact sweet Marwan Barghouti was caught eating while on hunger strike, and the person killed was an attempted murderer, but celebrating like this and trying to inflame the palestinians is wrong, dumb and could lead to more bloodshed.

But despite the efforts of haters to somehow impute his actions on to Israeli society, I am glad to report that his actions are being condemned by vast majority of Israelis who have seen the video. Comparing it to what we see in Gaza after terror attacks – where the entire population seems to be celebrating – is dishonest.

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