What Should We Call Pallywood In London?

This is CNN creating staged “news” in London yesterday following the latest Islamic terror attack to hit the city I once called home. While the press try to say Islamic terror in Israel isn’t the same as on the streets of London, they’re happy to use the same deceptive “journalism” to pacify and deceive their audience.


CNN have tried to say they merely facilitated getting these hijab wearing women into a convenient place to film. They managed to get them past the police cordon as well. Additionally, before filming commenced, white police officers were directed out of the shot leaving only asian officers in the shot (which means Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin in the UK, not far-eastern).

In other words a manufactured photo shoot.

Update: this video by Mark Dice has an excellent explanation of why this is so bad:


Where else have we been seeing this kind of activity from the press day in day out for decades? Yes, here in the home of #FakeNews, Pallywood.

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The truth is Israellycool has years of this stuff. Now are you starting to understand how you’ve been manipulated all these years?


Brian of London

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