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An Open Letter To The Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan About Al Quds Hate Day

Al Quds March, London 2016

Dear Mr Khan,

This is not the first time I have written to you concerning events with a Jihadist and/or unbalanced agenda taking place in London. I hope that this time, my letter will warrant a response from you.

As a British-born survivor of Islamic terrorism, I am both flabbergasted and frankly outraged that you continue to give the green light to Islamic terrorism in London, by either telling your constituents that “terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city,” and now, by ignoring a petition of almost 6,000 signatories protesting the Al-Quds Day March to be held in the city of London this Sunday, 18th June.

It hardly need be said, that your lack of action in allowing people who support Jihad to march through London, also stands to ignite antisemitism against the British Jewish community and more unabated hatred against Israel, the sole refuge for Jewish people in the Middle East.

I have never met you, so I am unable to ascertain if your lack of leadership concerning Islamic terrorism is due to personal passivity, disinterest or something else. Whatever it is, your abdication from your responsibility as Mayor of London, is not only deeply grievous to myself – a survivor of this Islamic terror the marchers endorse, but is also a slap in the face to the families of London’s and Manchester victims – whose blood has only just been mopped up from London’s streets.

Kay Wilson

Please sign the petition if you want to add your voice: BAN The Extremist, Terrorist Supporting Al Quds March In London On June 18th.

Just some examples of previous Al Quds marches in London:

WATCH: London’s Annual Hate The Jews March

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Scenes From London’s Al Quds Day, August 17th, 2012

Scenes From London’s Al Quds Day, August 21, 2011

10 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan About Al Quds Hate Day”

  1. John it’s real easy to see every little criticism of Islam as “Islamophobic” but if you actually look into what actually goes on in these countries by it’s every day citizens you would change your tone pretty quickly.
    I’ve noticed that most of the time when people throw the word “Islamophobic” around they don’t actually know much or anything at all about Islam. Tell me John have you ever actually been to a Muslim country? I have.
    I have seen blood letting, public killings and the strongest hatred of Jews i have ever seen, honestly felt like i was looking at Nazi’s. Where did i see this, from Isis? No from the “peaceful majority” people on the left love bringing up.
    Now turkey is the most progressive Muslim country in the world yet public opinion towards anyone who does not believe in Allah as “less than human”. I have also seen Iran’s “day of rage” where hundreds of thousands of people gather burning flags screaming “death to america” among many other disturbing things.
    Your attitude John of how you view Muslims as well is shocking since your first sentence seems to suggest that Muslims are so unhinged that any from of criticism sends them towards terrorism. The “mere 20,000” terrorists is also incorrect, the data from world wide studies from all countries show that at least 15-25% of the worlds Muslims support Isis and the things they stand for, let that sink in for a moment, so as you said there are 1.7 billion Muslims so at the very least you are looking at 255,000,000 people minimum, quite a large difference don’t you think?
    Here in England over 52% of BRITISH Muslims want homosexuality illegal, people born and raised here want gay people in prison because they are gay. At some of the mosques they have public speakers that spew hatred in the guise of “religious freedom” where they radicalize people towards terrorism right here in the UK.
    Now i’m not saying all Muslims are bad, far from it, however you can’t ignore any and all things people do just because where they are from or what they believe in. If you stand for equality surely that is something that we can all agree on?

  2. Until the mayor of London and all other Western leaders eliminate their “Palestinian exclusion” and treat Hamas, Hezbollah and their ilk the same as ISIS and al-Qaeda, the scourge of Islamic terrorism will never be defeated. There is no such thing as a “good terrorist” nor do “freedom fighters” intentionally murder innocent civilians. They are all part and parcel of the same vile ideology. Lending support to one terror group based on their agenda allows all other terrorists to stake the same claim of righteousness for their cause. As Rev. Neimoller so wisely said decades ago, “first they came for the socialists… then they came for the Jews… then they came for me.”

  3. Sadiq Khan contacts Israel wrt to ways to safeguard London from terrorism.

    I entirely agree with Kay in lodging a protest. We have a related event in Toronto. These things are usually held on a Saturday or Friday evenings for obvious reasons.

    This year it takes place on Sat Jun 24 starting at 3pm and consists of a walk from the Ontario Parliament to the US embassy – 6 1/2 rather short blocks.

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