Not Satire: The Little Hizbullah Flag That Quds


In the wake of the bad publicity being generated by the upcoming Al Quds Day – thanks to heroes like our very own Kay Wilson – the Islamic Human Rights Commission has issued a guidance for participants.

They are not to bring Hizbullah flags showing support for the “non-political wing” of Hizbullah, but can for the “political wing.”

For example, you can bring a Hizbullah flag to show support for the political wing of Hizbullah. This is because the political wing of Hizbullah is not a proscribed organisation.

Here is the flag of Hizbullah’s “political wing”:

And here is the flag of their “non-political” wing:

Spot the difference?

There is none! Because there are no separate political and non-political/military wings of Hizbullah. Just ask Hizbullah  – they make no such distinction themselves.

I am guessing this guidance was based on demands by the UK police. If this is the case, they need to get their heads out of the sand and ban this terror rally.

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