Wakf Admits Israel Did Not Steal Anything During Recent Raid


An investigation by the Islamic Waqf in Jerusalem has concluded Israel did not steal anything during a recent raid, following the murder of two Israeli border policemen, despite claims to the contrary.

The Jerusalem Islamic Waqf, which is in charge of managing the Temple Mount compound, released its findings from the investigation it conducted after Israeli security forces searched the holy site last month. In a statement, the Waqf said that all of the documents and materials of historical importance were not taken from Al-Aqsa, contrary to Jerusalem International Center chairman Hassan Khater’s claims about Israel seizing important files from the Waqf’s archives.

Yes, I know. A palestinian Arab official lied. Not news.

Just as a reminder, Hassan Khater tried to use this boldfaced lie to really inflame the region

The head of the Jerusalem International Center, Hassan Khater, warned in a press statement of a “real disaster for Jerusalem” after stealing important documents from al-Aqsa mosque by the occupation during the period the Palestinians were prevented from entering it.

The stolen documents are related to the real estate registry of Al-Awqaf Department, which represents 90 percent of the Old City, comprising property, land and Islamic endowment.

But don’t take out the flying pig just yet. The Waqf did find something to blame us for. And it’s a real doozy.

However, the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf claimed that the chemical materials that preserve the documents were harmed when the Israeli forces shattered the locks of several storage units and conducted “unjustified searches.”

The religious staff also claimed that the Israeli forces logged into the computers on the compound and apparently made copies of the files on them. However, all of the items at the Islamic Museum, including the ancient manuscripts, were not damaged.

Yet no word from the Waqf about the actual weapons uncovered at the Temple Mount compound. For them, this is totally fine, and Israel’s justified searches in response are unjustified.

Please remind me why we allow them to be in charge of this site of such importance.

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