Almost A Third of UK Jews Considered Leaving UK Over (Mainly Islamic and Far Left) Antisemitism

I can’t say I am surprised to hear this, given what is going on in the UK.

A surge in anti-Semitic hate crimes in Britain has made one third of the Jewish population want to flee.

Research commissioned by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) also found that just 59 percent of British Jews felt welcome in the UK.

The YouGov poll revealed more than three-quarters believed that the Labour Party’s stance on Israel has intensified rising levels of bigotry, while Islamist extremism was their biggest concern.

The charity had also CAA published police figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act showing that there has been a 45 percent surge in antisemitic crime since 2014.

The charity also claims that the Crown Prosecution Service has yet to prosecute more than two-dozen anti-Semitic crimes per year.

Gideon Falter, Chairman of Campaign Against Antisemitism said: ‘Our research shows that one in three British Jews has become so fearful of mounting antisemitic crime and the failure to excise antisemites from politics that they have considered leaving Britain altogether.

‘Our research clearly shows that British Jews have pointed their fingers at the Crown Prosecution Service and the Labour Party.’

It comes after Jeremy Corbyn faced repeated criticism for failing to crack down on anti-Semitism within in the party.

The Labour leader has previously referred to Palestinian terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah as ‘friends’.
Last year, Labour’s former London mayor, Ken Livinstone, was suspended after claiming that Hitler was a Zionist.

His comments came after Naz Shah, MP for Bradford West, was forced to apologise for posting on Facebook that a ‘solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict’ was to relocate Israel to the US.

But the CAA’s research did find that anti-Semitic views held by British people have falled since 2015.

In that year, 45 percent said they held at least one anti-Semitic view — this dropped to 40 percent in 2016 and then to 36 percent this year.

The CAA’s chairman, Mr Falter, added: ‘We now have data that show that in a very British way, fairly and quietly, Britons have been rejecting antisemitic prejudice.

You can read the full report here.

This is perhaps the part of the report not being emphasized enough: Islamism is the biggest concern to UK Jews when it comes to antisemitism, followed by the far-left and then far-right extremism.

This hardly surprises me.

Regarding the question about emigrating from the UK, you can see the percentage of UK Jews who have considered leaving is 32%, up from 28% last year.

And there are other telling results – like 35% of UK Jews believing there is no long-term future for Jews in the rest of Europe.

37% of UK Jews avoid displaying outward signs of their Judaism in public.

While nearly 80% see that antisemitism is being disguised as “anti-Zionism.”

Meanwhile, here is a Sky News report about the results. I think the Jews News editor at the end does not emphasize the Islamic threat enough, and even suggests some minorities have more to worry about than Jews (which to me even implies the Muslim community).

5 thoughts on “Almost A Third of UK Jews Considered Leaving UK Over (Mainly Islamic and Far Left) Antisemitism”

  1. There are people in the U.K. who want to revert to the era of 1291 – 1655 when Jews were banned from England. When Jeremy Corbyn eventually becomes Prime Minister thousands of British citizens who do not want to live under a Trostskyite dictatorship will look to move elsewhere and they will be some of the most productive and vital people in Britain. America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and yes Israel will be the beneficiaries.

  2. Sky News despite being owned by Rupert Murdoch is not very friendly towards israel. James Murdoch (his son) is a leftie.

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