Crucial Facts About Latest Palestinian Terrorist Attack You May Have Missed

Last night, 17-year-old palestinian Qutayba Ziad Zahran approached Israeli border police, holding what appeared to be a bag. After troops asked him to stop, he pulled out a knife and tried to stab them, before being killed.

Even the palestinian Ma’an News reported the stabbing attempt, although “objective” news source Al Jazeera could not bring themselves to admit this, instead using scare quotes to cast doubt that the youth did anything wrong.

No doubt the Israel-haters will blame this on the “occupation”, even though photos of the young terrorist suggest Intiprada.

But more to the point: his own social media posts before the attack show not only that he intended to commit a terror attack, but what motivated him to do so.

Dear family members… I have good news for you.

My precious father, forgive me.

Here I have achieved my wish and I am about to die a martyr for the sake of God, armed with the determination of mujahidin (fighters). I have left this mortal world, rushing to the immortal life in paradise where I will meet God’s chosen prophet, peace be upon him, alongside prophets, companions, and virtuous people. You should know, my family, that I haven’t left you because I am fed up with you, or because you were bad to me, but only because martyrdom has called upon me after I have been wishing to obtain it for a while.

My precious mother, forgive me.

God’s consent is dependent on your consent, and my wish won’t be realized without this condition. My wish won’t be complete unless you remain patient and sacrifice me for God’s reward by considering me a martyr who died fighting for the sake of God, to make sure that God’s word is the highest word, and to take revenge for the martyrs of Palestine. Don’t cry over losing me, but rather utter trilling cries of joy because this is your martyr son’s wedding.

My beloved brothers, forgive me.

Be helpful to your mother and father and be patient and sacrifice me for God’s reward. Be firm and support each other, and forgive me if I had ever erred against any of you. Continue to cling to God’s religion and hold firmly to the rope of God.

My beloved sisters, forgive me.

Don’t forget what I asked you a few days before I left for the sake of God. Stay by my mother’s side and be sisters to Aisha and al-Khansaa.

Forgive me everybody. If I failed to be helpful enough in life in this world, I won’t fail to be unhelpful to you on the day of judgment, God willing. The prophet promised that a martyr will intercede for the benefit of 70 of his family members.

My will:

My will for you, my family, is that nobody cries during my procession to paradise, but rather distribute dates and utter trilling cries of joy during my martyrdom wedding.

And finally, I will say: see you soon in a paradise, whose width is only equal to heaven and earth and has been prepared for God-fearing people.

Our last prayer is thanks be to God, the lord of the worlds.

Living martyr,

Qutayba Ziad Zahran

In other words, he did it out of a religious desire to die a martyr and reach paradise. Note he makes no mention of life being unbearable or the “occupation.”

Note also he was from a village in the Tulkarem district – under PA control, not Hamas’. Tulkarem is where the PA recently named a school after terrorist Salah Khalaf, who was the head of the Palestinian terror group Black September and a mastermind of the Munich massacre.

In other words, the incitement to kill and reach paradise was clearly something he learned while living under our “peace partners” the PA – and perhaps even from them.

This latest terror attack is a further illustration as to the real obstacle to peace – palestinian incitement and their religious conviction to become martyrs.

Let’s face it: no matter how much they say they want “Palestine”, it has nothing on Paradise.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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