The Palestinian Authority’s Latest Colossal Waste Of Money


Can you guess what this building is?

a) Israeli PM Netanyahu’s residence

b) Israeli President Rivlin’s residence

c) PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ residence

d) It was c), but maybe not anymore!

As if the correct answer was in any doubt

Palestinian officials say a newly built $6 million West Bank mansion meant to be President Mahmoud Abbas’ official residence and guesthouse won’t be serving its original purpose.

One official says Abbas, 82, decided to stay in his home, fearing public backlash if he moved into the 4,700-square-meter (50,600-square-foot) residence at a time of economic hardship among Palestinians. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss Abbas’ deliberations with reporters.

Visiting foreign dignitaries typically don’t stay overnight in Ramallah, the seat of Abbas’ self-rule government.

Palestinian Culture Minister Ehab Bseiso said Monday that a national library would be built on the grounds of the mansion near Ramallah. He says some rooms of the mansion might in the future be used by the library.

A palestinian national library? I hope it has more to it than their museum!

By the way, for comparison purposes, this is PM Netanyahu’s residence:

And this is the Israeli President’s residence:

I think I would take Abbas’ residence the palestinian national library building over these any day!

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