Palestinian Students Scholarship Fund Did Not Get The BDS Memo


This is definitely BDS fail of the day. Probably the week. Maybe the year.

The Palestinian Students Scholarship Fund was formed by six Chicago-based Palestinian Americans interested in supporting students who would not otherwise have access to higher education due to financial hardships or significant restraints. The founding members of the fund came together with the apolitical mission of creating opportunities for bright young men and women seeking advanced degrees as a means to better themselves, their families, and their communities.

Realizing the need to partner with an institution not only dedicated to the highest caliber of academic excellence but also one providing an inclusive and accepting environment for its students, faculty and staff, the group focused on University of Haifa. The city of Haifa has a considerable Palestinian-Israeli population. Within the community there are a number of financially challenged students, many who have large families and minimal income or whose parents have medical challenges or limitations and are unable to work. The synergy between the funders, the university and the city of Haifa proved to be a natural fit.

Sunday, September 10th, The Palestinian Students Scholarship Fund will host two student scholarship recipients, a professor, and University of Haifa President, Ron Robin. The students will share their stories and we will celebrate their achievements with a very special dinner. It is our hope that many others will join in this effort to help create an educated Palestinian-Israeli community that abounds with opportunities, inspires dreams and breaks a cycle of poverty and stagnation.

So not only are they deliberately partnering with an Israeli university, but they are doing so because they recognize its inclusive and accepting environment, flying in the face of the bogus “apartheid” claims of BDS

Ah well, I guess this will need to go in my next video.

Hat tip: Sussex Friends of Israel 

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