WATCH: Tzipi Hotovely Slams UNRWA and “Palestinian Refugee” Myth


Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely has once again put on a master clinic in a television interview – albeit a much friendlier one than the previous two.

FOX News – UNRWA interview

על פי החוק הבינלאומי אין דור שני ושלישי לפליטות. לא יתכן שאונר"א, סוכנות רשמית של האו"ם, תיתן מעמד פליטות לצאצאי הפלשתינים גם אחרי חמישה דורות.צפו בדברים שאמרתי בנושא לרשת FOX NEWS במסגרת ביקורי בוושינגטון.According to international law, refugee status is not passed on to future generations. It is unthinkable that UNRWA, an official agency of the UN, grants the status of refugee to fifth generation Palestinians. Take a look at at what I have to say about this on Fox News during my visit in Washington.

Posted by ‎Tzipi Hotovely – ציפי חוטובלי‎ on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

As far as I am concerned, these are the correct talking points – we need to get on the offensive more often like this because we do have the moral high ground in this conflict, as well as history and facts on our side.

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