Palestinian Terror-Loving Reems Bakery Wishes Jews A Happy New Year


Reems Bakery in Oakland California is clearly going out of its way to show everyone that just because you glorify the murderer of Jews, does not mean you hate Jews.

Note the table set up with challot and wine, as well as the singing. I am guessing Jewish Voice for Peace was behind this – they have a track record in supporting Reems, as evidenced by this video they posted only 6 hours ago as of the time of this post.

This is the tried and tested tactic of the haters: “Some of our best friends are Jewish, so we cannot be antisemitic.” It just so happens these “Jewish friends” hate Israel – thus are completely going against the Jewish faith.

Not that their Jewish faith is so important to them. I mean, they will bandy around catchphrases like “Tikun Olam”, but their ignorance of Judaism tends to be astounding. These Jewish displays are for propaganda purposes only. Rosh Hashana was over a week ago after all, and Yom Kippur (the Jewish day of repentance) is almost upon us.

I suggest JVP and other Jewish enablers of terror supporters and antisemites use Yom Kippur to think long and hard about who they have climbed into bed with. Because when you lie down with dogs, you tend to wake up without your head attached to your body.

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