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JVP Head Rebecca Vilkomerson is a Walking BDS-Fail

Here's hoping they all turn on each other

Jewish Voice for Peace Mocks Jewish Practice and Belief

In case you weren't already convinced that Jewish Voice for Peace is about as Jewish as a ham sandwich, they have posted this video on Instagram

Embarrassing JVP Seder With Rashida Further Proof They Are As Kosher As a Ham...

Yesterday, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) held a Jews for Rashida Virtual Passover. Or should that be Virtual Jews for Rashida Passover.

Separated at Birth: Lame Sing-a-long Edition

Lame and joyless

Jewish Voice for Peace Again Show They Are As Jewish as a Bacon Latke

JVP are the equivalent of the Hellenist Jews of that time - assuming they are even Jewish at all.

Was Jewish Voice for Peace Just Caught With an ‘Army’ of Fake Jews? (Updated)

A few months ago, I exposed Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) as being neither Jewish nor for peace. So this next subterfuge should not be surprising.

Rashida Tlaib Sheds Crocodile Tears in Front of As-a-Jew Enablers

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has spoken to a group of as-a-Jewish supporters, crying she "should be on a plane to see" her grandmother

Toronto Raptors Win NBA Championship and Jewish Voice for Peace Is Not Happy

Jewish Voice for Peace aka Not-So-Jewish Voice for Israel's Destruction are going to be really grumpy right now

Exposed! JVP Confirmed To Be Neither Jewish Nor For Peace

JVP's ignorance of Judaism and antisemitism have long prompted me to consider them as Jewish as a ham sandwich, while their support and glorification of terrorists have made a mockery of the idea they are for peace. But now we have an additional indication of this.

Jewish Voice for Peace: Israel Falsely Portrays Palestinian, Arab and Muslim Societies as Intolerant

JVP go beyond accusing us of the ridiculous "pinkwashing" and claim we are also falsely "presenting Palestinian, Arab and Muslim societies as intolerant."

WATCH: Hilariously Bad JVP Song-And-Dance Protest

This video almost defies description. But if you like horror shows, you might get some kind of perverse enjoyment out of it.

Jewish Voice for Peace’s Brazen Support of Terrorism

In case you haven't been paying attention, Jewish Voice for Peace is not about peace at all.


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