Dumbass Antisemite Robert Martin Posts Video Contradicting His Own Claim


Perhaps antisemite Robert Martin just figures his audience will swallow anything hook, line and sinker, but it nevertheless takes a special kind of stupid to post a video that does not corroborate your own claim.

Or perhaps it is a special kind of evil. I would like to think that Martin is a bit of both.

Still in Israel filming propaganda videos, Martin tweeted the following from the Aida Refugee Camp.

He even tweeted similar things to the visiting Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull. Repeatedly.

Note how when what sounds like a gunshot in the distance goes off, he does not even know what it is. He does not duck, or feel like his life is in danger at all. He calmly asks if “they are coming from the other side” (I assume he means the IDF). When his interviewee answers in the affirmative, Martin says “Let’s go down and have a look.” Hardly the actions of someone who was just “shot at” as he claims in the tweet.

And let’s face it: we do not know who shot. It could have been one of his “mates” for all we know.

What else he does not mention: just what a hotbed of terrorism and violence Aida refugee camp has been over the years.

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