WATCH: Old White Fuddy Duddies Sing of “Fighting on For Palestine”


Take a group of alter kockers with a hatred of Israel and likely love of bingo, add a George Lucas-lookalike “choir conductor”, and you get this mess.

Death chant of the Liverpool Socialist Singers

Meet the Liverpool Socialist Singers, they're majority white middle class English women that like nothing more than singing about how they will "fight on for Palestine"… just as soon as they've finished that jigsaw with Tarquin.These morons are stereotypical of the leftwing loons on the march today. They love Jews, but its a special type of Jew that they love. They love weak Jews that they can turn into victims and save from Nazis. Strong Jews, they hate. They hate Jews that refuse to live under the rule of others, Jews that claim the right of self-determination, Jews that stand up to their enemies and defeat them when attacked. These Jews don't need saving and are of no use to middle class virtue signalers.Ladies, you can sing until the cows come home, the Jews have returned home and we're not going anywhere.

Posted by Israel Advocacy Movement on Saturday, November 4, 2017

Incidentally, they are called the Liverpool Socialist Singers. But you can call them the Liverpool SS for short.

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