WATCH: Palestinian Ambassador to U.K: As A Student I Hit Israeli For Claiming Falafel As Their Food


Pita the fool.

Palestinian Ambassador to the U.K. Manuel Hassassian has a few “SS”‘s in his name, and it seems appropriate. In an interview translated by the indispensable MEMRI, he admits to hitting an Israeli student back in the day – for presenting falafel and hummus as Israeli food.

What chutzpah that he denies Jewish history in the land of Israel and then complains we stole their folklore!

You also have to laugh when he mentions that “in the US, they call [hitting someone] an assault.” Because I guess where he comes from, they call it “act of bravery.”

Also funny: the actor in the skit mentioning he hated the word “four” as it reminded him of “that lowlife British Zionist Balfour.” We already knew Mahmoud Abbas hates the number four as well – since he is in the 13th year of his four-year term!

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