Antisemitism Panel With Linda Sarsour Et Al Really Was As Bad As You’d Think

The offensive panel discussion on antisemitism featurig some well-known haters I posted about a few weeks ago took place yesterday.

And it was what you would expect, given the rogue’s galley of speakers.

“Rabbi” Alissa Wise went on at length about critics of this ridiculous and offensive panel, not only demonizing them as “pro-occupation” and “deeply Islamophobic”, but suggesting they may disrupt proceedings (conveniently ignoring fact that it are people on her side of the aisle who specialize in such disruptions)

Leo Ferguson of Jews for Racial & Economic Justice claimed antisemitism was used as a tool to attack social justice movements, and blamed it on capitalism. He also claimed that “false or inflated” charges of antisemitism was the most hurtful thing to Jews!

Lina Morales of JVP minimized antisemitism within the Muslim community, characterized the Zionist movement as antisemitic(!), and claimed Israel kicked out “750,000 palestinians” (a lie).

Rebecca Vilkomerson repeated the apartheid lie, as well as the lie (of antisemites) that antisemitism is used as a tool to suppress criticism of Israel. She referred to a “virulent, Trumpian form of antisemitism”, and stated “Loving Israel does not mean you love Jews” eliciting an “uhuh” from Linda Sarsour (who she defended by attacking those who criticize her as “racist and Islamophobic”). Linda Sarsour also belted out “that’s right” while clapping loudly after Vilkomerson made the false claim that the panel was seen as provocative because they represent a new vision for fighting antisemitism – and not, say, because the panelists themselves comprise of those who support terrorists and Jew haters.

Linda Sarsour was true to form, boasting she is considered the “biggest problem for the Jewish community.” She spoke proudly of being pro BDS, and repeated the exact lies I pointed out here – that Zionists are not involved in social justice movements, and that she does not turn up stating she is a palestinian, but rather only mentions it after she is asked.

But in perhaps her worst gaffe, she lets her own inner antisemite out by referring to the “Jewish media” (while minimizing the antisemitism of Louis Farrakhan)


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