Worldwide Anti-Zionism-Not-Antisemitism In Response To Jerusalem Announcement


Muslims around the world let us know very clearly that the Arab-Israeli conflict is not a religious conflict, but merely territorial in nature.

Yeah, right.

1. Synagogue Firebombed in Sweden

Because anti-Israel-not-antisemitic

A SYNAGOGUE was attacked by around 20 masked men while hosting a youth party in Gothenburg, Sweden, local media have reported.

Police arrived at the scene, where Jewish students had taken refuge in the basement.

A police spokesman said: “There are several molotov cocktails that have been thrown against the synagogue.

“It’s about bottles and gasoline.”

A fire broke out between vehicles in the car park, fire fighter Kristoffer Wahter told local news

2. Antisemitic Chants Outside US Embassy in London

Because anti-Israel-not-antisemitic

3. Antisemitic Chants at Times Square

The same thing here, with more chants calling for violence and the destruction of the Jewish state.


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