The Incredible Ineptitude Of The Swedish Police

What is a hate crime?

Sometimes the line is blurry. Sometimes it’s pretty clear when the motives behind a crime are hate related.

To the police in Sweden, particularly when the victims are Jews, they tend to have some difficulty.

Gothenburg Firebombing

This week in Gothenburg when Jews were holed up in a synagogue as it was being firebombed, the Gothenburg police said it was “too early to know if an attack on a synagogue would be investigated as a hate crime“.

Malmo Firebombing

Today, a second Jewish place was firebombed, this time in Malmo.

From the article:

Malmo police spokesman Lars Forstell told AFP that the incident is being investigated “as an attempted arson” and that the motive is unclear.

Malmo Protest

At a protest in Malmo, protesters chanted in unison to “shoot the Jews“.

From the article (translated from Swedish):

The police tell P4 Malmöhus that they did not have patrols in place either yesterday or today. At present, it is unclear whether there has been a demonstration permit.

No police, nor do they even know if they had a permit.

Not new, nor surprising. But the sheer ineptitude of Swedish law enforcement makes this statement from the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström all the more ludicrous.

Equal rights for whom exactly?

We all know what happens when Jews go to the wrong places in Sweden.



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