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WATCH: Sweden’s Homage to Israeli Eurovision Winners

Check out the amazing Israeli song mashup that Melodifestivalen produced!

Swedish Court’s WTF Decision on Antisemitic Terrorist

This decision is more difficult to follow than the Swedish chef, harder to swallow than a hot Swedish meatball, and uglier than an 80s-era Volvo

Swedish Ambassador to Israel: ‘There’s a Tendency in Israel to Demonize Sweden’

Sweden’s ambassador to Israel on Tuesday claimed there was a tendency in Israel to “demonize” his country and in particular foreign minister Margot Wallstrom

The Incredible Ineptitude Of The Swedish Police

They seem to have difficulty with obvious things in Sweden.

Worldwide Anti-Zionism-Not-Antisemitism In Response To Jerusalem Announcement

Muslims around the world let us know very clearly what this conflict is about

Why Report From Yemen When There Is Bacon In Jerusalem?

It is not necessary for the established media to lie about something for them to create a completely #FakeNews impression.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz Lucky to Be Alive After Attack By Migrants In Sweden

Ami went to Sweden to examine the effects of immigration in the country. Mission accomplished

WATCH: Dare To Dream Of Israeli Stars

“A gift to my country … the dreams that you dream really do come true” - Hovi Star.

WATCH: Eurovision 2016 Israel Is Shooting With Stars

We’ve got a guy called Star singing about stars. Is that star studded enough for you? #Eurovision

Swedish Police Banned From Describing Criminals Due To Potential Racism

Swedish police takes "the fear of sounding racist" to the next level.

Guest Post (Daniel Borg): I Partied Till I Loved Israel

I can't deny that Jews are amazing, and especially the people in the only Jewish state

WATCH: Swedish Far Right? So Far, Right (Updated)

Does Kent Ekeroth represent a “far right” party or is he just so far, right #SoFarRight

How Many Israelis Must Die Before Israel Is Allowed To Defend Itself?

Complaints about proportionality are, in essence, complaints that not enough Jews have been killed


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