Where The BBC Romanticizes Terror and Violence

This is already over a week old, but I just came across it now. And I have to say, the BBC sure know how to…be the BBC.

Trust the BBC to romanticize violence and be dishonest to high-heeled shoes boot.

Let’s start with the statistics cited, provided by B’tselem. The number of palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli security forces in the First Intifada is quoted at 1,400, even though other sources put it at 808. Naturally, the number quoted does not include the 900+ who were killed by their own brethren! As for the fatalities of the Second Intifada, B’tselem’s 996 Israelis killed is way below the official number of 1,334.

Then there is the whole framing of the video. This now not-so young woman Micheline Awwad reminisces about how she became an unintentional iconic image while on her way to Church. Most of the images from the Intifada are of women – except for one of a priest. Missing are any of the plethora of available images of violent men.

She also lies, claiming that today “young men and women don’t want this [intifada].” This flies in the face of everything we have been seeing.

Conveniently, she is one of the palestinian mothers who claims they would rather her children stay at home. While I have no doubt such mothers exist in palestinian society, so many encourage their children to engage in terrorism. But you wouldn’t know it from this BBC puff piece.

At the end of the video, we are told “Micheline Awwad now works in a hotel.” I have to wonder whether it is an Israeli hotel.

In any event, this is yet another example of the BBC making very clear on which side of the conflict they stand.

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