Israel-Hating Organizations Feeling the Pinch

It looks like some of the haters are having a tough time of things.

Haters like Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), who seem to have shrinkage issues.

Membership in the country’s leading anti-Israel campus organization is down, but participants are increasingly radical, according to a new report by an anti-Semitism watchdog.

The National Students for Justice in Palestine conference in October 2017 had under 100 participants, claims Canary Mission in the report exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, as opposed to nearly 600 attendees only three years ago.

Those who traveled in the fall to the University of Houston to host and attend workshops and panels represented the extreme fringe of anti-Israel activism, wrote the watchdog.

Canary Mission anonymously maintains public profiles of faculty and students deemed anti-Semitic, and claims to have influenced the dip in NSJP numbers, which the watchdog said began to plummet in the years after its May 2015 launch.

The group claimed its catalogue has made real the potential personal and professional “consequences of being part of an organization that is seen as a hate group.” Canary Mission compared the results of its work to the repercussions for neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville, Va., this summer, at least four of whom were identified and fired.

Some of those leaving NSJP have done so when further education about Israel led them to reexamine their beliefs, according to Canary Mission, which claimed to have received “scores” of messages from activists asking to the be removed from the database. Those who have “displayed genuine contrition and recognized that they were wrong” have the opportunity to be included in the recently launched “ex-Canary” section, where testimonies from reformed anti-Israel activists are collected.

“As a former member of SJP, I now understand how my actions were anti-Semitic and wrong. I am truly sorry for the pain that I have caused,” one testimonial reads.

And they are (thankfully) not alone. The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) also seems to have hit hard times.

I received a fundraising email from the International Solidarity Movement, and they apparently are in pretty bad shape.

Their heyday was when they fooled Rachel Corrie into thinking that she would stop a bulldozer that couldn’t see her.

Now they say that the need $29,000 to cover their budget for 2018, for office expenses and to bring some Palestinian propagandists to college campuses.. Last year in total they only raised $10,000.

An addendum to today’s email, possibly not meant for the entire group, says:

The US donations have been very weak so far, although it’s a bit early to count the responses by check, of which we have so far received none. Not sure about responses to the Swedish site.

The top headline on their website brags that they are “surviving.”

Here’s hoping this trend spreads!

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David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media