Ding Dong the Klutz is Dead! Senior Hamashole Imad Al-Alami Shuffles Off This Mortal Coil

Imad Al-Alami in happier, more alive times

About 3 weeks ago, I reported about senior Hamashole Imad Al-Alami, who was in critical condition after reportedly shooting himself in the head while checking his gun.

His condition has now been upgraded to really, really dead.

Of course, while the claim is he died death by klutz, the suspicion remains that he was killed by one of his own. He was apparently thrown out the window by the Hamas Internal Minister years ago after all.

As the Jerusalem post reports:

Speaking before Imadi’s remains at the Great Mosque of Gaza, Hamas Politburo Chief Ismail Haniyeh praised the senior Hamas official.

“Hamas was Abu Hamam and Abu Hamas was Hamas…

Here’s hoping that’s true and Hamas also ends up really, really dead.

In the meantime, as I always say at these times, you reap what you sow, and this sow has now met the Reaper.


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