Aussie Dave’s Top 5 Israeli Eurovision Entries of All Time


Israel’s latest Eurovision entry has inspired me to post about my top 5 Israeli Eurovision entries of all time. Why? Perhaps boredom.

5. Amen by Liora (1995)

It may have only placed eighth back in 1995, but it is definitely in my top 5. Powerful!

4. Toy by Netta (2018)

Screw it, it is catchy!

3. There Must Be Another Way by Noa & Mira Awad (2009)

Some of you may be surprised I would rate this peace anthem so highly. But I am very pro-peace – just not pro-suicide – and it is sure-as-hell catchy.

2. Hasheket Shenish’ar by Shiri Maymon (2005)

At the time, I was podcasting and remarked that despite her surgically enhanced appearance, Shiri Maimon’s tune was a real contender. It ended up placing fourth, and Shiri is now taking on Broadway, so I know how to pick ’em!

1. Hallelujah by Gali Atari & Milk and Honey (1979)

This shouldn’t be controversial. This actually won the contest in 1979. Plus the next year, 6-year-old Aussie Dave performed it in a school concert.

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