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Hatari Claims They Were Just Following Orders When Waving Palestine Scarves

The saga of Hatari and their anti-Israel protest has taken a bit of a turn.

Anti-Israel Gimps Hatari Reportedly Pissed They Got Lousy Seats on El Al

There are reports that Israel-hating freaks-on-a-leash Hatari are considering filing a formal complaint with Israel’s El Al airline

Losers All Round: BDS Movement Rejects Hatari’s Protest at Eurovision

Last night, Hatari, Iceland's entry at Eurovision, disgraced themselves

Heartless BDS-Holes Disgrace Themselves

When you hate the Jewish people this much, you won't allow any potentially touching moments to interfere with your unhinged obsession.

BDS Movement Caught Lying…Again

The BDS movement is desperate. After imploring artists and fans to boycott Eurovision in Israel, the result was an abject failure. Yet they continue trying to convince people they succeeded.

WATCH: The Highlight of Eurovision So Far…By a Country Mile!

The "postcards" between the acts have been amazing (the acts themselves..not so much), but this performance by the Shalva band has wowed everyone.

Haters Invent Insane Conspiracy Theory Around Eurovision Logo

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) thinks it has uncovered an Israeli Eurovision plot.

Israel’s Missed Opportunity with Eurovision

As good as Eurovision in Tel Aviv has been, I believe the organizers missed an opportunity to include someone else as host

Kate Miller-Heidke Even “More Sure” Regarding Decision to Reject Boycott of Eurovision in Israel

Australian Eurovision contestant Kate Miller-Heidke continues to impress with her fairness, explaining how being in Israel has made her even more sure about her decision to reject calls from Roger Waters and others she dubbed "Twitter extremists" to boycott us

WATCH: Andrew Bolt Cuts Through the Boycott Eurovision BS

As usual, Australian commentator Andrew Bolt gets it.

Dear Israel’s Eurovision Broadcaster KAN…

Please hire an English language proofreader.

WATCH: Roger Waters In Possibly His Insanest Rant Yet

Rock'n'roll BDS-hole Roger Waters has lost the plot

Delightful Trolling of the BDS-Holes

I am not behind this, nor do I know who is. But they deserve a big pat on the back.


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