Violence And Use of (Young) Human Shields on Display at Palestinian “March of Return”


As expected, today’s palestinian “March of Return” has begotten violence, with the palestinian protesters throwing rocks at IDF soldiers and property, and burning tires, as they swarmed the security fence, trying to destroy it. As a result, 7 palestinians have been killed.

One of the “non-violent” protesters at today’s March (AFP)

But as I posted before, this is what they wanted all along, despite Hamas pronouncements to the contrary to an international audience.

Also as expected: Hamas using human shields, and children no less.

An IDF force caught a seven-year-old Palestinian girl attempting to cross the border fence, and returned her back to her parents in Gaza.

The IDF said that the girl was encouraged to attempt to cross by Hamas, which “endangers women and children and uses them cynically.”

A senior Hamas leader at the violent march..with a baby (i.e. young human shield)

The international community needs to condemn this deliberate palestinian violence and use of human shields. But of course they won’t, and will instead blame Israel.

Which is what Hamas and the palestinians wanted all along.

Update: Naturally, the palestinian side is lying.


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