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Jeremy Corbyn Readmitted to Labour After Suspension

Jeremy Corbyn will be readmitted to Labour just weeks after he was suspended for saying the scale of antisemitism in the party was “dramatically overstated”.

UK Labour Report into Antisemitism Row is Peak UK Labour

You can't make this stuff up.

Flip-Flop: Hugh Grant Campaigns for Labour Candidate Who Defended Corbyn’s Terrorist Wreath-Laying

A few days ago, I complimented actor Hugh Grant for speaking out against UK Labour's antisemitism and campaigning for Jewish Liberal Democrat candidate Luciana Berger. Now it seems he may have less sense and sensibility than first thought.

Actor Hugh Grant Attacks Labour Over Antisemitism, Backs Jewish Liberal Democrat Candidate Luciana Berger

Popular actor Hugh Grant has spoken out against Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party for their terrible handling of the antisemitism rife within it, while throwing his support behind the Jewish Luciana Berger, who left Labour over it. 

WATCH: Jewish Students Rips Chris Williamson, Labour MP Suspended Over Antisemitism Allegations

Josh Lee, a Jewish student at the University of Nottingham, recently took on disgraced Labour MP Chris Williamson, during question time, after Williamson discussed British party politics at the University of Nottingham on Friday.

Antisemitism & Intimidation Outside UK Labour Conference

Jut some anti-Zionism-not-antisemitism, right?

WATCH: Is Labour Antisemitic?

From last night's "Is Labour Anti-Semitic?" program on BBC Panoroma

Where Even Israel Hater and Corbyn Ally Billy Bragg Thinks UK Labor Has Antisemitism...

When someone like Bragg admits Labor has an antisemitism problem, surely they do.

Another Libel Shared By a Labour MP: The Case of Blinded Boy Hassan Tamimi

In the wake of Labour MP Grahame Morris' libel against Israel, another Labour MP has retweeted something from antisemite Rachael Swindon. I show it is almost certainly another libel

Labour MP Grahame Morris Caught Tweeting Blood Libel

Yet another Labour MP is about to make the news, for all the wrong reasons.

Luciana Berger, Victim of Corbyn Labour Party Antisemitism, Gives Birth to an Instant Zionist

Luciana Berger, the former UK Labour MP (now Independent) and victim of Corbyn Labour party antisemitism, has had a newborn son.

Member of Group That Mocks Judaism & Calls for Israel’s Destruction to Give Antisemitism...

This tells you all you need to know about how seriously UK Labour takes the Jew hatred in its midst
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