But Mr. Haniyeh, Why is My Bus Ticket to the March of Return Only One-Way?

Mr. Haniyeh, it is a great honor to join you in the heroic struggle to end the Occupation of Gaza! We will drive the Jews out of Gaza….. Wait. They all left in 2005? But we are still Occupied! Because!

But our struggle is not just about the Occupation. It is about breaking down the Walls that separate Gaza from the World! Wait. We border the largest nation in the Arab World, and they say that we are Brothers! Maybe Egypt can open its 20 Kilometer-long border to us! Then we won’t be under a Blockade! And if they refuse, we could hold a protest there also! Wait, you say they would just shoot us? And that nobody would care? Because they’re not Israelis? OK, I see your point.

So where was I? Oh yes…. Mr. Haniyeh, I was thinking that maybe after this protest is over, I could find a new way to serve the Resistance. What? You say that there are a lot of job openings? Hamdullah! Let me see the list of openings! OK…. Tunnel digger? Four vacant positions? Wait, didn’t the Zionist Entity collapse a Resistance tunnel in South Gaza last night? Well I guess that explains the vacancies. Hmmm, perhaps there is something else I could do. Maybe I could work with you in the Hamas Headquarters Bunker underneath Gaza Hospital! That seems like a nice job. No? OK, maybe I could work for Khaled Mashal in Qatar? No openings there either? OK, I understand.

Hey, I see that I already have my job lined up at the protests! Great! Oh, so my job is to rush the Border Fence with wire cutters while other Resistance Fighters fire weapons and throw Molotov cocktails? Isn’t that kind of dangerous? Won’t the Zionist Dogs shoot me?

And why is my bus ticket to the Protests only One-Way?


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