The Onion Hits New Low With Outrageous Piece About March of Return Deaths


Over a month ago, I lamented how satire site The Onion had gone full blood libel, perpetuating the myth that the IDF wantonly kills palestinians.

Well, they’ve gone ahead and done it again, with an equally offensive, malicious and mendacious piece about recent events.

WASHINGTON—After spending the better part of Monday afternoon watching live television coverage of the demonstrations in the hotly contested Gaza Strip, Donald Trump declared himself “absolutely fascinated” by the Israeli cultural tradition of slaughtering protestors. “It’s very beautiful, such a beautiful custom,” said Trump of the cherished Israeli pastime of mowing down unarmed Palestinians with rifle fire. “They’ve been doing this for years, but this is the first time I got a chance to watch the whole ritual. It’s really something, very powerful. Other countries use just tear gas, but here, they outright murder people for throwing glass bottles. I can really see something like this catching on in the United States.” Trump added he was “particularly moved” by the portion of the festivities that celebrated a 13-year-old Palestinian boy becoming a dead man.

Besides not being funny in the least, it is also full of lies. Israel did not outright murder anyone, the protestors were engaged in extreme violence beyond merely”throwing glass bottles”, and no-one celebrated the death of any of the rioters, let alone a 13-year-old child.

As I mentioned last time, the Onion has a huge audience of what I suspect are mostly young people. These kinds of libels are particularly damaging.

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