Ken Livingstone Goes Full Antisemite in Candid Conversation

It is no secret that former London mayor Ken Livingstone is an antisemite, with his vile comments about Hitler supporting Zionism being well-documented. And like most antisemites, he has denied hating Jews.

If you think Ken does not look happy in this photo, wait until he finds out his new antisemitic comments made it online!

But Ken got sloppy when speaking with my friend Ayman, who bumped into him today. Ayman starting asking Ken questions and Ken did not hold back, perhaps tricked by Ayman’s appearance (Ayman is a former Muslim who is now very pro-Israel).

At one point, Ayman asked Ken what he thought about pro-Israel groups and individuals in the UK. Ken responded that they represent a ”small number in terms of population, yet are over represented in the government, the judiciary, and the financial system.” And in case what he was implying was not clear enough, he then asked Ayman whether he had heard of the Rothschilds. No word on whether the conversation turned to the weather.

But it didn’t end there. When the conversation turned to Iran (Ken appears on Press TV), Ayman mentioned persecuted minorities like the Bahai. Ken responded by stating that non-Jews are persecuted in Israel, “having to pay Kosher tax” and being looked down “as goyim” – a word that really just means “nations”, but which antisemites love to use when mocking Jews and our (invented) antipathy towards non-Jewish people.

According to Ayman, Ken also said “Ask yourself why haven’t ISIS attacked Israel, it makes you wonder doesn’t it?”

So there you have it, folks. Ken Livingstone is an even worse antisemite than first thought.

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