WATCH: Saudi Man to Palestinians: “Go To Hell, You and Your Issue”


This young Saudi man seems to typify much of the growing sentiment in the Arab and Muslim world regarding attitudes towards the palestinians – as we saw even in Iran a few weeks ago.

Saudi activist trashes Palestinians

SAUDI SLAMS "PALESTINIAN" ATTITUDEThis ia actually an important video. We are getting increasing reports that even the Arab countries have lost patience and are fed up with the "Palestinians" who demand massive foreign aid, consume it on corruption and terrorism and do nothing productive of scale.In Saudi, if you make provacative comments contrary to the regime, bad things happen. Nothing has happened to this popular social media personality!- you have been milking our economy, billions and billions went to you- you're like dogs, stupid dogs – you have turned your issue into a source of income- yet you are more hostile to us than Israel is hostile to us- you are an ugly page in our history- the world does not respect you- you support the enemy (Iran)- go to hell, you and your issue

Posted by Australian Jewish Association – AJA on Wednesday, July 11, 2018


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