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Saudis on Social Media Declare Jerusalem as Capital of the Jewish people

In case you still weren't aware of the new reality of the Middle East post-Abraham Accords, here is something for you

WATCH: Amazing Scenes From New Saudi TV Series Showing Israel in Positive Light

Yesterday, I posted about the Saudi tweeter wisening up to the lies she was being fed about the plight of the palestinian Arabs. This follows other positive signs from Saudi Arabia. Now there's this - an episode of a new Saudi television series called Exit 7, which included scenes like this

Saudi Tweeter Discovers She’s Been Hoodwinked By False ‘Palestine’ Narrative

A Saudi woman has tweeted out her findings after deciding to see how things are in "Palestine" by looking at Instagram accounts of those living in the palestinian-controlled territories.

Did a Saudi Religious Leader Really Pray at Auschwitz for Victims of the Holocaust?

A number of pro-Israel sites have posted about a senior Saudi religious leader visiting Auschwitz to commemorate and pray for the victims of the Holocaust. But is that exactly what happened?

WATCH: Saudi Interviewed by Israeli Journalist in Bahrain. In Hebrew

Loay Alshareef, a Saudi activist, and founder of the Loay Academy for languages in Bahrain, has been interviewed by Gili Cohen of Israel's Kan News.

Missing Masterpiece on Saudi Crown Prince’s Yacht

The most expensive painting ever sold at auction, which has baffled the art world by disappearing from view after its record-breaking purchase two years ago, is hanging in the £400m superyacht of the ruler of Saudi Arabia

WATCH: Arab Leaders Warming Up To Israel

The Times They Are A Changin'

WATCH: The Saudi Man Who Loves Israel

Israel's Channel 13 morning show has featured a Saudi man who absolutely loves us

Saudi Official Praises Israel for Allowing Muslims to Perform Hajj

In a possible further sign of thawing relations between the two countries, a Saudi official has recognized the freedom of religion that Israel affords Muslims.

Saudi Arabian Shuttlecocks Withdraw From Badminton Match Against Israeli Opponents

From the land that brought us women can now finally drive

Saudi Arabia Airs Documentary Portraying Palestinian Arabs as the Aggressors Who Attacked Israel

I have been blogging about the changing winds in the Middle East for a while now.  In the latest manifestation of this, Saudi Arabia's Al Arabiya channel has aired a documentary about "Palestine" until 1948, ostensibly depicting the Arab states as the aggressors

WATCH: Saudi Man to Palestinians: “Go To Hell, You and Your Issue”

This young Saudi man seems to typify much of the growing sentiment in the Arab and Muslim world regarding attitudes towards the palestinians

It’s a (Brave) New World: Arab States Aligning More With Israel

Iran has taken over as the big, bad boogeyman, and Arab states have started looking to Israel more as a solution than a problem.
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