Israel Haters’ Latest Sanitization Efforts


Earlier tonight, terrorists fired at IDF soldiers in the southern Gaza Strip. In response, we targeted Hamas military posts, killing 3 terrorists.

While Hamas has admitted they were members, most Israel haters are trying to portray them as regular guys. For instance, Turkey’s Anadolu Agency describes them like this:

At least three Palestinians were martyred while another was seriously injured on Wednesday evening in Israeli artillery attack on Gaza strip, according to Palestinian Ministry of Health.

In a statement by the ministry, the martyrdom of the three Palestinians occurred when a group of Palestinian youth were targeted in the city of Gaza.

Shehab News has gone with these photos:

As have many others

But these were terrorists, as other photos, which are not being shared much, show.

In this day and age when people have a very short attention span as they scroll through their Facebook or Twitter feeds, images play a pivotal role in helping form opinions. The other side realizes this, which is why most of them are sharing the “respectable” photos. We need to counter this with the photos that show what these people truly were.

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