Golbarg Bashi of P is for Palestine infamy (#PisforPalestine!) is writing a new book: Counting Up the Olive Tree: A Palestine Number Book.

It makes sense something like this would be her next book – she already used the letters of the alphabet to demonize Israel so it’s now number time!

After the extraordinary success of P is for Palestine: A Palestine Alphabet BookGolbarg Bashi has teamed up with another gifted artist Nabi H. Ali to publish ‘Counting Up the Olive Tree: A Palestine Number Book’ — a rhythmic, earth-friendly adventure where little Palestinian football (soccer) players try to save an olive tree — helping young readers practice counting the numbers!


Excerpt from the book:

“When the woeful woodcutter came to cut down the last olive tree
The kids cried,
‘Please don’t cut our precious tree in our land yet to be free!’
. . .
Player number 1 told player number 2,
get hold of number 3
who told 4,
‘we must protect the last olive tree,
all of us and some more.’
. . .
Tlick – Tlock Tlick – Tlock
Will there be enough time?
. . .
Snoring cracking humming and roaring!
. . .
Wait! The woeful woodcutter is waking up,
no longer snoring!”

I dunno, I don’t see this as an accurate representation of what is going on here. Allow me to give it a shot.

When the Jew will hide behind stones and trees,

They will say O Moslems, there is a Jew behind me,

come and kill him, please!

The rock said to the tree

get hold of a Jew, or 2 or 3

Except for the Gharkad, which said “we must protect the Jew”

but only ’cause that’s what that tree tends to do

Tlick – Tlock Tlick – Tlock

Will there be enough time?



Snoring cracking humming and roaring!

Wait, what’s that sound? Just some of our tunnel diggers boring

There, that’s better.

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