Boy George Proved Again Just How Awesome He Is


You are probably already aware that singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey succumbed to the forces of evil and cancelled her appearance at Israel’s Meteor festival, in the face of intense bullying and intimidation by the likes of Roger Waters. If not, you are now.

Lost in the news is that musician and icon Boy George was encouraging her to play in Israel, despite the pressure.

Not that this is surprising. He has always been a friend of Israel and champion of playing for all of his fans, wherever they may be.

Oh, and he’s just a real mensch.

Update: Some commenters have pointed out he expressed hope of a time when “Palestine is free.” One can surmise what he meant by that – it is true many palestinians are not so free, thanks to Hamas and the PA. But even assuming that is not what he meant, we cannot expect celebrities to be well-informed on the conflict. I believe he deserves credit for speaking out in support of playing in Israel, and against the BDS-holes.

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