What Do Palestinian Propagandists Actually Mean by “Peace”?

I saw this video on Twitter: a palestinian schoolgirlis talking about what they teach them in schools and what they mean by “peace” – and they don’t seem to mean that they want peace with others based on mutual understanding and co-operation. The girl is describing themselvesĀ taking everything and having “peace” between themselves, not with others.

This kind of explains why those paraded as “peace activists” (like ‘Shirley Temper‘) don’t seem “peaceful” at all.

If that’s their definition of “peace”, this mindset sounds a lot like that of Islamists from the time of the Arab conquests in the Middle Ages (after they expelled non-Muslims from Arabia and later started expanding outside of Arabia and they even went to Spain). They declared areas that they didn’t rule “Dar Al-Harb” (translation: House of War), and started waging war on those around them and after violently subjugating, enslaving and expelling others, declared areas they conquered “Dar Al-Salam” (translation: House of Peace), even though they weren’t “peaceful” at all.

They seem to just redefine words to have some other meaning. For instance, they have tried to redefine the word “refugee” to have some other meaning that only applies to them and that no other country uses. Or how some propagandists try to redefine the word “coexistence” when referring to Spain under Islamic rule, even though historians criticize calling that “coexistence.”

And Linda Sarsour gets paraded as some “champion of feminism” while she tries to pass Sharia with “Feminism” – the same Sharia that doesn’t consider a testimony of a woman to be worth as much as a testimony of a man, and the same Sharia that allowed Sultans and their warriors to take girls as concubines against their will.

This sounds more absurd than if someone paraded as “strictly vegan” even though they eat cheeseburgers every day, justifying it by saying “cows eat plants and those plants turn into meat and milk in their bodies… so it’s made from plants!”


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