BDS Fail: BDS-Hole Gushes About Israeli Healthcare


Jamarl Thomas is a YouTuber who operates a channel called the Progressive Soapbox, which he describes as “an honest analysis of the news with a progressive view-point without allegiance to anything other than the truth.” He has a reasonable following – over 14,000 subscribers – and pulls in over $1,000 a month on Patreon doing it.

As part of this “honest analysis,” he is anti-Israel and pro-BDS, as this video shows:

You can glimpse his rabid anti-Israel views also here and here.

For reasons I cannot determine (read: cannot be bothered going through his videos to see if he mentioned why), he is in Israel. I suspect some BDS shenanigans were on the agenda, which would make this next video of his an even bigger fail than it already is.

You see, Jamarl found himself in need of prescription medicine while here. And – shock, horror – he was impressed by our healthcare system, especially when compared to what he is familiar with in the US.

Or if you cannot bother watching the whole thing, the punchline is at the end:

“I was able to get prescription drugs that typically cost three, four hundred dollars, for like ten bucks!”

I am pretty sure this is NOT how to do BDS, Jamarl. Just saying.

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