Palestinians Rail Against Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Fast Train Just Because


The BBC has a report on the new Jerusalem-Tel Aviv fast train.

It starts off happily enough, as Israeli commuters explain how wonderful it is, with even the whimsical background music hinting as to good times ahead.

Then all of a sudden – silence – as the cheerfulness gives way to….palestinian seething!

Note their complaints.

“This train passes through Beit Surik land and we are not even allowed to use it. This in itself is a catastrophe for us.”

This is coming from people who engage in terrorism against Israelis. I am sure if they acted peacefully and renounced terrorism, they would be allowed to use the train. Another example of the same type of chutzpah that brought us “there is a tire shortage in Gaza.”

But their next complaint is even more of a doozy. It goes along the lines of “We don’t have enough information about the route of the train, but we know it passes under us, so we won’t have the freedom to work our lands.”

Clearly, the palestinias of Beit Surik do have the freedom – otherwise, they would know the train’s route and wouldn’t be speaking in future tense about being barred from working the land. And they admit the train is underneath them. Unless they are engaged in excavating terror tunnels, they are unaffected.

Clearly, it kills them – for want of a better word – knowing that despite their efforts to drive us into the sea, we are now riding trains underground.

Hat tip: Yoel

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