Another Hate Conference Being Held This Week, Featuring Linda Sarsour

The Palestine Convention 2018 – the “largest gathering for Palestine in the US” – is to be held tomorrow until Saturday in Chicago (hat tip: Anarcho-Zionist)

With the tagline “70 Years Later Committed to Return”, and conference hashtags including #We_Shall_Return, this is clearly not a gathering of people interested in a peaceful solution to the conflict.

The agenda only confirms how this is a hate conference espousing antisemitism and terror support, with sessions including:

  • Palestine: The Current State of Affairs
    From changes in media coverage and the Great March of Return in Gaza to the
    ethnic cleansing of Khan al-Ahmar and the Judaization of Jerusalem, this panel
    will discuss the ever-evolving political situation and challenges facing Palestinians
    on the ground.
  • Islamophobia & Zionism: An Unholy Alliance
    This session will analyze the connection between the Islamophobia industry and
    Zionism, as it contributes to fueling anti-Muslim bigotry and support for Israel.
  • From the Nakba through the Naksa, to Oslo and in between
    The entrenchment of Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank, including East
    Jerusalem and Gaza. Moreover, we will highlight the resistance of Palestinians
    from the First to the Second Intifada.

None of this is surprising, given the convention is the brainchild of American Muslims for Palestine, founded by terror supporter and Jew hater Hatem Bazian. This is the same group instrumental in National SJP’s formation., who just held their own hate conference this week.

And the speakers list is a veritable whos-who of anti-Israel and antisemitic scum and villainy, including the very woke Linda Sarsour.

I would not be surprised to discover deeper connections between Bazian, Sarsour and National SJP; Sarsour seems to be quite the fan of the latter.

Update: Someone called Salah Sarsour is part of AMP and convention chairperson.

It seems he and Linda may be related.

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