American Muslims for Palestine Mobilizing Support for Airbnb


In the wake of the disgraceful Airbnb decision and the resultant backlash from fair people around the world, the haters are mobilizing to show their support for it.

American Muslims for Palestine – who are holding their annual hate conference starting today – have posted this “action alert”

The yellow highlighting is mine and is there to highlight their rank hypocrisy, dishonesty, and chutzpah. This is coming from an organization working towards the destruction of the world’s only Jewish state, an organization that does not believe Jews belong here, and supports those who maim and kill the ones who do.

Of course, as I have explained, the Airbnb decision does not create a situation where “anyone can belong anywhere.”

It creates one where anyone but the Jew can belong anywhere, a situation we are all too familiar with from history.

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