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Pro-Israel Group Disrupts AMP’s Palestine Advocacy Day in Glorious Fashion

Several legislative meetings were commandeered by activists who briefed congressional offices on AMP’s antisemitic and extremist roots

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) Conference as Vile as You Could Imagine. Maybe Even...

With Linda Sarsour's antisemitic tirade gaining the attention it deserves - despite efforts to flush it down the toilet - now seems like a good time to look at more of the things discussed at the AMP hate conference.

Video of Linda Sarsour Making Antisemitic Remarks Removed

Yesterday, I posted video of Linda Sarsour making undeniably antisemitic remarks behind the closed doors of the annual American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) hate conference. Now I see the video has been removed by Salah Sarsour.

WATCH: Exposé of American Muslims for Palestine: Antisemitism and Terror Support

This video adds to things you may already have known about AMP from Israellycool, including how they are now partnering with US Jewish groups like Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow

WATCH: Israel Haters Invoke Blood Libel at Anti AIPAC Protest

Last Thursday, AMP and others staged a protest called AIPAC is Not Welcome in Chicago. AMP posted footage on Facebook of some of the speeches, with one part standing out for me

American Muslims for Palestine Mobilizing Support for Airbnb

In the wake of the disgraceful Airbnb decision and the resultant backlash from fair people around the world, the haters are mobilizing to show their support for it.


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