“Concentration Camp” Gaza Listings on Airbnb


With Airbnb’s disgraceful show of antisemitism in the news, I thought I would take a look at some of the listings on the site from the palestinian-controlled areas. Naturally, I thought I’d start with Gaza, described by so many palestinians and their supporters as an “open air prison/concentration camp.”

At the time of this post, there were a number of listings from Gaza – none of which resembled a prison cell or concentration camp barracks. Like…

Chatet Berlin, with its swimming pool and games area

Beurit Tower 

This modern looking apartment

and this room with a hottub

Of course, this does not surprise me. But I thought I’d get some use out of Airbnb by using them to point out the lies being peddled about Gaza – because I sure as hell won’t be using them for anything else.

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